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Coronavirus Update 2

It is very likely that many of our supporters have one of the Crafts we sell either online, in talks or at our Supporters’ events which we bring back from India or Zambia. And it is also very likely that if you have a craft item from Zambia it came from Kafue, a small town we pass through when we travel between Monze and Lusaka.

Today we have been told that there has been a death from coronavirus in Kafue and the town is in lockdown. As if bereavement isn’t enough to cope with, the news is that the family of the casualty has been tested positive too. This is a tragedy for the family, friends and also the wider community.

Although in the UK we hear daily that our wonderful NHS is under resourced, we are given hope that the necessary equipment is on its way. Our friends in Zambia, on the other hand, are facing this crisis with very few resources both in terms of personal protection and also the essential medical equipment for treating patients. Faced with this reality, we ask that you continue to pray for those in Zambia who are already or may soon be affected by this crisis.

India is in lockdown, but our partners are still active. At Thanal House, Salini writes:
Social welfare Authority inform all orphanage, not allowed visitors & not to received food, balance food. By the grace of God kitchen running.

Philip says:

In India we have lot of challenges in the lock down. Our special therapy centers are open for the different abled children. Some shops are open, office, market also.
I have sent a small budget….. April 2020. Tuition teachers salary is 8×2500=20,000/- special School salaries- teachers, helpers, drivers, physiotherapist, speech therapist, Rs-95000/-Building Rent Rs4000/-current, water. RS 1500/-
In May onwards the special School and tuition centers are reopen. We need masks and hand wash for the distribution of our special and tuition children 220x RS 130=28500.
May 5th we start vacation class and special School. We need salaries, mat, board, note book, pen, pencil, half of study material, resource person and two centers tour RS.14000/- . We need two vehicles (school vans) insurance RS.15360/-. I contacted Shibu, he is ok . Now only a few unknown patients in the medical college hospital.

Santhosh’s news is:
Here in our place also there is lock down but still ASHA KIRAN ASHRAM Home is functioning with 5 persons as Mala and Surya cannot go to anywhere else. The Unique ID programme of the Government is also going on through internet working in a small way.
In March 2020, we had regular works till 16th and then another one week we have slow down our works and after the lock down declaration from 24th , our work is as I mentioned in the previous paragraph. So we have to Pay the Salary to all the Staff for March almost same as previous months and as we have the Home section functioning and we have to help the Staff Families, there is expenditure in the month of April also. So kindly send us the money you are sending in April also. I will let you the expenditure in April and coming months, we are not able to receive any other money from out side till now in April. So I request you to be kind enough to send the money for April as early as possible

And last, but not least, Wilson has this to say:
Here started lot of poverty . People no job . No journey. Very critical time started.
So, we are planning to distribute some 5 kilogram rice to a 500 families. But here I received money for only 62 people for rice distribution for their one week food.

So the needs are as great as ever – indeed greater. Our partners in India and Zambia need all the help that they can get!

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