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Day 10 Sunday 18th February 2024

Today was spent at Thanal House, a home for destitute women who have been rescued from a life on the streets.  Most of them have severe psychological problems and many have been rejected by their families. It was great to see the women so well turned out and happy.

Thanal ladies 1

Thanal ladies

Thanal ladies 2

Thanal ladies

One of the problems that Salini faces is that the women often take water from the toilets into the sleeping area and make a mess. After much discussion about building passageways and knocking holes in walls, Chris came up with a far simpler – and much cheaper – solution: chain down the buckets!  Teamwork!

Salini's family and HHI team and Philip

Salini’s family and HHI team and Philip

There is an opportunity to improve the facilities at a reasonable cost which we will explore. But their most pressing need is regular support for feeding 26 hungry mouths. Before COVID they had reasonable local support, but this dried up during lockdown and has never recovered. At the same time the cost of food has shot up. We send £320 a month, but they really need more. We will see what we can do to help.

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