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Day 12 Tuesday 20th February 2024

Our last full day was spent at our second special needs school, Happy Valley. It was a wonderful time when we could meet the new children and see how the others have developed over the last year.

One newcomer is Kartu, a small six year old girl who looks a lot younger.   She has very severe cerebral palsy. After about six months at Happy Valley where she has been having intensive physiotherapy she is showing significant improvements – she is now smiling a lot, recognises sounds and objects, and responds to quest and instructions – all things that, just a few months ago, well impossible for her.


We finished the day with a visit to the Arayanad tuition group, where 17 children from kindergarten to secondary school age were being supported in their education by a young graduate who had herself benefitted from a Banyan Tree tuition group.

Arayanad tuition group

Happy Valley special needs centre

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