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Day 3 Sunday 11th February 2024

Sunday is a day for worship so we went to Tom’s church for their nearly three hour service. Even though we couldn’t understand much of what was going on we could feel their enthusiasm. The children were integrated into it, and most of the people present took part, including Chris and Edmund.

Sunday worship

Sunday worship

Then afterwards there were so many needy people, each with their tale of woe.  Some could be lifted out of poverty by the gift of a goat (£85 each). Rajappan, a sufferer with Parkinson’s and heart problems wanted a stall in his home village – could we pay £110 for this?  Nihara, a baby had been born with a cleft lip and cleft palate; the lip had been operated on, but the family were unable to raise the £500 needed for the cleft palate. Mallika needed £5 for an x-ray. Thanks to the generosity of so many people l had money for all these and many more – almost no-one went away empty handed.

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