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DAY 4 Thursday 14th September 2023

The Headteacher’s House

Until 2021, Mr Bweupe was sleeping a corner of a classroom separated by a cardboard partition. He explained that under the previous Zambian Government, a home would have been provided for him and his family when he was deployed in Nanga as the Headteacher. However, special schools were often the last to be considered for this. With the new government the policy has changed and now no housing is provided which resulted in Mr Bweupe ‘camping’ in the school from Monday -Friday and returning to his family home on the weekends. This was not ideal as the students stay in the school during term time. Thanks to our Scottish supporters, SFHHI, Mr Bweupe now has a comfortable home, and he enjoys being part of the school family each and every day.

Nanga Headteacher's house

Nanga Headteacher’s house

He showed us an unfinished building project of house intended to enable another member of staff to live on the premises. Maybe this is something for HHI to consider in our next phase of helping those who, in turn, help those in need.

Nanga unfinished house

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