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Day 5 January 23rd 2023

Today we headed west into Tamil Nadu to see the work of Asha Kiran Ashram, our first special needs school. It’s a lovely drive, full of spectacular scenery and things of interest such as the monkeys at Thenmala.

Monkey Day 5 01-2023

Monkey Day 5 01-2023

For Edmund it meant a meeting with the board of Grace Ministries. They are taking Asha Kiran under their wing, and it was encouraging to hear about the progress so far and their plans to finish the process. Santhosh has progressive medical conditions, and the time has come for him to retire, although he will stay on in an advisory role, passing on his experience and expertise as well as tapping into his extensive network to continue to raise funds locally. Not very exciting for you, the reader, but vitally important to the long-term continuation of Asha Kiran, so do please pray that the process will go smoothly and efficiently.

Board of AKA Day 5 01-2023

Board of Grace Ministries with UK visitors Day 5 01-2023

But it is all about the children. It was great to see them all again and to share their excitement, enthusiasm, and happiness. Of which more tomorrow.

one person in AKA Day 5 01-2023

Meena, a disabled long term resident at AKA Day 5 01-2023

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