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Day 5 Tuesday 13th February 2024

Going across the border into Tamil Nadu is like stepping back in time for a generation.

It is the India that is long past in Kerala. Cows roam the streets randomly or sleep in the middle of the road. Roads are full of potholes. The buses are even more decrepit.

We spent the day at Asha Kiran, our first special needs school in India. It was great to see the children again and how they have developed since we were there last. Others have joined and a new physiotherapist is bringing new skills to bear which are bringing great results. One of the newcomers is John who joined just last week and who is already having help for his cerebral palsy. At the moment he cannot walk; the hope is that, by the time I return next year he will be much more mobile.


John having Physiotherapy

And a nice surprise was that Beulah came with her mother. It was wonderful to see her walking around confidently on her prosthetic legs. The knee on one side has now been unlocked; when she has had a bit more training the other side can be unlocked as well. She was really pleased with the video about her as well.

Beulah and mum

Beulah and mum

Beulah and mum

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