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Day 6 January 24th 2023

That was a long day. We left the hotel at 8am and didn’t get back to our lodgings until 9pm. But it was worth it. A visit to Asha Kiran always is.

We were able to see physiotherapy in action. Sree Lakshmi used to be able to walk until she started to have fits – serious fits, bad enough to get nasty bed sores. Your generosity enabled us to buy an air bed which solved the sores, and the fits have been cured, but now she can’t walk any more and spends most of the day in a foetal position. The physiotherapist is working hard, giving her intensive therapy every day, as much as she can cope with.  Please pray for her.

Sree Lakshmi 01-2023

Sree Lakshmi

As children get older they need more vocational training such as gardening skills or necklace making. The necklaces can also be sold to help raise funds.

Necklace making 01-2023

Necklace making

We were able to visit Beulah at her home as a few weeks ago she had serious fits. These turned out to be caused by a fever, but there were bills for tests, travel and so on. Beulah will need a monthly check up some distance away, which will cost for transport so I was happy to give her mother £60 towards the tests and to promise £20 a month towards her transport and medicines. The good news is that she is going back to school next Monday where she will be reunited with her prosthetic legs – they got separated in the panic over her fits. In the meantime she enjoys playing a traditional board game with her brother. (p.s. Beulah won!)

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