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Grateful grant funded beneficiaries

As Covid restrictions lifted, HHI diverted the Feeding Programme funding into our new Grant Scheme.  This meant that, since the start of this year, some of those who were previously dependent on monthly HHI food support were given a startup capital of £60 to begin their own income generating business.

Mebelo Simandibbi is a physically disabled single mother with two children to support. Her husband abandoned the family five years ago. A successful seamstress trained by Alistair, Mebelo has received a new sewing machine so that she can sew and sell the garments she makes. We have been informed by the Grant Scheme monitoring team that, as one of the grant beneficiaries, Mebelo appreciates the support rendered by HHI to her and her children.

Mebelo receiving her sewing machine

Mebelo receiving her sewing machine

Gillian Muvwanga’s mother was among the list of beneficiaries who was supported by the feeding programme.  She has since been awarded a grant due to the fact that she is a single mother and has three dependants including her disabled son, Gillian.

The Grant Scheme team made a follow-up monitoring visit and were impressed with how well her business is doing.  Gillian’s mother appreciates how the grant has improved their welfare due to the generosity of HHI supporters.

Justina is a single and vulnerable mother to David Chanda, a deaf and dumb boy currently enrolled at Maamba Special School. As is all too common in Zambia, where disability is often regarded as a stigma, Justina was abandoned by her husband due to the condition of their child. Because she had been struggling to put food on the table, she received the grant capital and started her own hairdressing business.

The Grant Scheme monitoring team report that all is going well for Justina and that she is very grateful for the support of HHI UK.

Justina Zambia


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