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Bibian has been supported by HHI UK since 2008. As a youngster, even though one of her legs was enlarged and covered in sores, Bibian attended school. However, she became increasingly self-conscious about her leg and that other children did not want to be with her. This had a negative impact on both her education and her emotional well-being.
For many years, HHI UK has sent Bibian a monthly allowance to assist purchasing medication to treat her leg and with nutritious food to keep her strong.
In September 2020, after years of seeking a cure for her leg, Bibian elected to have surgery to amputate her leg above the knee. Bibian has been recovering steadily and has now received a new wheelchair and aluminium arm crutches in order to mobilise independently. Yet again, we say a sincere ‘Thank You’ to our UK supporters who have supported Bibian. We pray that Bibian regains her self-confidence in order to lead an independent fulfilling life.

A young Bibian with her mother (note her diseased leg)

In 2021, an older and more cheerful Bibian with her prosthetic leg

Latest Updates - BIBIAN

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