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Choongo Challenge

HHI is 25 years young this year and to celebrate we are launching the Choongo Challenge!

The Choongo Challenge aim is to raise £25,000 to provide a second dormitory block to relieve the chronic overcrowding that disabled children.
These children, board at the Special Needs Unit Choongo School – due to their family homes being far away. The present block, shared by both boys and girls, is so crowded that children are having to share beds.

They share their story in a couple of videos, please take the time out to watch them.

We have made a good start – our team in Strathaven have said that the £6,000 raised on their behalf by the Round Strathaven 50 cycle event can be used for this.

Only £19,000 to go! Can you help? If so, please give here or send us a cheque or bank transfer. We will require 7,000 bricks, so £4 will enable us to buy the equivalent of one brick, £20 six bricks, £50 for a door, £200 for the plumbing, £600 for the electrics, £1,000 for the foundations or £3000 for the roof.
Go on – be a brick!

Raised so far
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