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Menstrual Hygiene Programme (MHP)

UNICEF reported that in countries where menstrual hygiene is taboo, girls in puberty are typically absent for 20% of the school year. HHI has been on a mission to address this statement from UNICEF with our own MHM (Menstrual Hygiene Management) programme.
Our two HHZ seamstresses, Alistair and Primeldah, have been trained to make reusable washable sanitary protection. Both ladies have attended training programmes to become peer educators which enables them to visit mainstream and boarding schools to help educate teenage girls about menstrual hygiene. All girls who are approaching puberty receive packs with new underwear along with clean washable sanitary protection. The packs have been funded by many HHI supporters in the UK. The girls are given explanations and information to help eliminate the stigma of menstruation, thus encouraging them to continue with their education.

Alistair teaching a group of schoolgirls in the outdoors how to manage their periods

Primeldah teaching menstrual hygiene in a secondary school classroom

Secondary school pupils receiving menstrual hygiene packs funded by HHI UK

Latest Updates - Menstrual Hygiene Programme (MHP)
Alistair senstising girls

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Alistair senstising girls

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