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Shibu (our permanent hospital ancillary support worker)

Shibu is our “bystander”, who acts as a nursing assistant. In addition to washing patients, Shibu prepares food, buys medicines and rings for a nurse when needed. If a patient cannot provide a bystander, they are refused admission, however desperate they are.

As of November 2021, Shibu is supporting six patients who have all met with various accidents, and would not get the treatment that they so desperately need without his presence. We pay his expenses, but do not give him a salary.

One patient (pictured) of 30 years of age is deaf, partially sighted and physically handicapped. He had an accident and his left hand was broken. The police brought him to the hospital.

Another patient is a 30 year old deaf gentleman who is both physically disabled and partially sighted. He too had an accident and his left hand was broken. Again, the police man brought him to hospital.

Surendra is a 63 year old patient from Varkala, Trivandrum district. He fell into a stream and his leg and back bone were broken. He is totally immobile and relies on Shibu for everything.

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