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The ‘Gift of Education’

Imagine you have a large family and very little disposable income. Should one of your children have a disability and needs to attend a special school as a boarder many miles away, then that expense is completely out of the question. This is the situation in which many Zambian families find themselves and why many disabled children are literally left behind.
HHI UK uses your ‘Gift of Education’ to enable 22 disabled children to attend special schools and receive an education. Once we start funding a student, we ensure that we continue to support them financially until they reach their potential. In some cases, these pupils are supported through university by HHI. Over the years, three blind students have managed to become teachers. One albino, Moscow, is now a clinical officer and one deaf student, Lifumbele, has recently been deployed by the Zambian Government to take up a post in a special school in Kasama, Northern Province.
Congratulations everyone and thank you for the Gift of Education.

This is a termly record of what is sent to Zambia by our Supporters in the UK every 3 months to enable 22 children to receive an education (k.30 000= £1534)

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