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Helping the victims of the floods in Kerala – part 2

Philip has also written to us about the work of the Banyan Tree and sent us a lot of photographs, some of which are included at the end of this update. Philip writes, in two separate emails:

In the name of Jesus Christ everything is going good.

After the flood we went to distribute some food items to one of the flooding area name Punnakad, Aramulla panchayat, Pathanamthitta district. We supplied 12 food items in a packet for 40 needy families. And clean two house. We went in our school van.(3 men and 5 women staff). It was a good experience. I am sending some photos of cleaning and food items distribution. By the grace of God we are safe.

You may pray for us


My family was feared in flooding because the water is very high near to my house both the two side left and right side of the road was flooding up 8 feet high only side is open, no road and path way. No electricity and telephone and mobile charge, no contact others. By the grace of God we are safe, thank you God

My sister lives in Kalady in Eranakulam district was flooding her house. She lost everything. Children’ s study material, school certificates, dresses, food, material, TV, fridge, grinder, documents, records, cow sheds, chickens and it’s coops, agriculture etc. We lost some agriculture. Her house is not living conditions, not strength. She got some help from local and government side – food material and dresses, Rs.ten thousand for cleaning and repairing. The next season the house is collapsing I also visited and help for cleaning. Please pray and any possible to arrange any help her. I send some photos.

My sister and family are farmers and coolie [i.e. daily labourers who try to get employment one day at a time. Supply outstrips demand, so such people may get ten days work a month if they are lucky. They will earn £4 to £8 depending on the work involved]. They have two children- one boy and girl. They are studying.

Greetings and prayers


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