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HHI visit to Zambia part 3

Another update from Jute has arrived:

29th October -Monze
Left Chipata at 05.00 and arrived in Lusaka at 12.30. Wifi on the bus enabled emailing.
Felisitus (HHZ Chairperson) found me in Lusaka bus station. Very kind and respectful greeting. Victor (?) driving HHZ vehicle which was clean and well presented.
Travelled to Monze. Hot and much greater evidence of drought in Southern Province than in Eastern or Lusaka Province.
Arrived in HHZ compound 17.30. Mr Gondwe dived into the car to greet me and Carole was waiting too. She looks much better and considerably healthier than in recent pictures. Mobility with zimmer.
Tawanda gave me a warm greeting too.

Outside surrounding grounds do look dry.
BoreHole -RS50
Bore hole is not visible above ground as it is under the driveway in a small concrete chamber where there is a ‘submissive’ pump (i.e. submersible – at the bottom of the borehole due to the depth). The larger tank is filled, and there is plenty of water in taps, toilets, vegetable planting has begun, and water bottles were filled for all those coming in seeking help. Grateful thanks to RS50. It is a huge improvement and the staff/trustees are delighted with the improvement it has made to all their time in HHZ.
Guest Room beautifully presented and bathroom/toilet clean and mosquito nets over bed.
Electric working on arrival. It lasted about 30mins. Enough time to make a cup of tea.
Electricity resumed at midnight.

30th October
7.00 am met new security guard John. He is making vegetable borders around the compound now that there is water. Soil patches have been started. Stone borders needed so that soil does not flow away when rains come. John replied that he has some blocks in his home which he is willing to bring in. K1 each. K100 would be enough =. £6.25. This would greatly improve the outdoor area and make it more productive. John and Robbie willing to make the borders and continuing to plant vegetables for those in need and for staff.
Wheelchair repair service.

Berica Chosya (above) arrived crawling into HHZ compound with her niece. Female aged 50, no legs since birth. Wheelchair is appalling. Robbie trying to fix it. Berica slept in market and returns every day for something to be done in terms of wheelchair repair. But Robbie can’t repair it. No leather, no tyres, nothing at all in terms of fabric.
JW would like HHI to consider funding Robbie, who is willing to be in HHZ compound every day (but is only paid for two days) to fix wheelchairs. He can also make ‘standing frames’ and seating chairs. He can travel to Lusaka to purchase materials, maybe with a MH (menstrual hygiene) visit and thereby provide a much-needed wheelchair repair service at HHZ. The prayer hut is being used to store his equipment. Anyway, in order to prevent Berica from crawling around with no repair solution, a new wheelchair was purchased by Robbie and Gondwe from the SAF chemist in Monze at a cost of £100. Berica could not believe it. She was in tears. £100 well spent to transform someone’s life.

Other ‘helps’ money given out – Mother with cerebral palsy child, disabled widow and Gift, a man with dwarfism. All suffering because of hunger in Monze. K1200.00 total = £75 (£25 each).
Discussion with Felistus, Gondwe, Carole & JS about programme for the week of my visit:
• Thursday Oct 31st Ntambo,
• Friday Nov 1st Nanga,
• Monday Nov 4th board meeting.
• Tuesday Nov 5th Muumba
Suggested that we need to think solar more often and maybe for Nanga dining area etc. Answer: Solar pump slower, not able to pump the amount we have to the large tank we a have but it could still be a backup.
Conference room development.

HHZ would like HHIUK to help them develop the conference room so that when the ‘transition’ comes, they can income generate. JW suggested that they put together a proposal how much they need to improve the room, research the demand, price the rental fee they can expect to receive, and work out income and a business plan. It is good to know that they are thinking about improving their IGVs (income generating ventures).
Fuel cost
JW asked JS and Mr Gondwe to work out the amount for realistic fuel consumption needed by HHI /month for monitoring visits. Maybe one visit per week; Nanga, Ntambo, Muumba, disabled unit /School MHP (menstrual hygiene project) etc. More monitoring would be beneficial.
• MHP – discussion
• New laptop cartridges, memory stick and camera case given to Carole and JS.
• Menstrual Hygiene fabric 5 m and 270 Ziploc bags given to A&P.
• Deana’s items given to James in the Zambian Women and Girls’ office.
More regular income is starting to happen. Reliable rentals from Zambian Women and Girls, Chris mobile phone shop, no payment to SWASCO (water company) as HHZ have their own bore hole.
HHZ have also confiscated bags of fertilizer from client who was not paying rent but dealing in fertilizer. This will be useful in the planting season.
End of the day Dr Ibrahim called. Discussed the new Vubwi district hospital and he took the Global Health brochure for perusal. He also had his gifts. He says that he would always appreciate stoma items if we would ever send more. He has enough for now but would appreciate for the future.

At present there is scope for Alistair & Primelda to do more. JW has identified a need for advice to be given to ladies who ask about how to fix their machines: sewing or knitting. e.g. Oct 30th disabled lady wanted to know how to fix her machine. Suggested that A&P give advice and help to people if they bring in their machines. They can tell customers where to get machine oil and how to maintain and take care of their machine. Education can be given freely- A and P have the knowledge. Jonah can ask the visiting ‘helps’ people if they have machines which are not working or if they need help with fixing them.

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