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HHZ Helps

Albino Africans are both feared and persecuted.

In Zambia, albino ritual killings are rare but, because of popular superstition, they live in fear because it is believed that the hair and skin of people with albinism can be used to bring good luck.

Unfortunately this happened to Clasiano Hambale a 40 year old male from the Monze District. He was attacked and almost killed while he was sleeping at night. He survived with deep sores in the chest and buttocks. His skin and hair was taken by the attackers and it has been a struggle for him to nurse his wounds because of hunger and poverty.

The beneficiaries, ‘helps’, committee stepped in and provided assistance with money for transport to the hospital, sun lotion, medicine for the deep wounds and nutrition support to enable a quick recovery. HHZ’s Jonah Sialumano reported the incident to the police and the suspect has been arrested and is currently in the police cells.

We ask that you continue to pray for vulnerable people everywhere.

Thank you!

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