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Honoured guest

A full day at Asha Kiran today. The morning was a chance to see the centre in action – a hive of activity wi th special needs teaching and physiotherapy in full swing. Them a lunch provided by a local doctor (a popular way of supporting Asha Kiran) was followed with a useful discussion with the head of Grace Ministries, a Christian organisation wit a good fit of work who may take over much of Santhosh ‘s work. Finally it was the grand opening of the new physiotherapy room – s rather over hyped event, but a chance to showcase Asha Kiran to a wider audience. But the best part was a chance to present Beulah with her third set of artificial legs and to catch up with her. I hadn’t seen her for three years. She is growing up quickly and turning into a very attractive young woman. She is quickly learning how to use the facilities that the new legs provide. She is an inspirational story of a life transformed, thanks to the wonderful generosity of you, our faithful supporters.

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