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Despite everything, HHI’s core work of enabling people to access life-saving and life-transforming medical help, where they wouldn’t be able to get it otherwise, continues. Two recent requests from India that have come in through Pastor Wilson illustrate this.

Pastor Wilson takes up the story for the first:

“One person Mr.Rajan. He is a coolie [a daily labourer, someone who has to look for a day’s work each morning] and very poor.

“When he is working time unfortunately cut his four fingers around 30 to 40 percent. Now he is admitted in the hospital. Doctor said he need four fingers plastic surgery. Otherwise not possible to work. That is it.

“They are afraid. So his wife came and ask help from us.

“So if possible kindly help this person.”

Thanks to the generosity of you, our loyal supporters, we were able to send out enough money this month to enable the operation to take place.

More recently, he has asked us to help another poor patient.

“Mr. Babu. He is also a poor person. He want to change his heart valve. Around 130000 rupees need for that treatment.

“They are already find 63000 rupees. He is asking support from us also. If it is possible. Kindly help him also.”

If we have the money, I hope to be able to send a significant contribution to the cost of this next month.

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