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Indian cyclone update

We recently told you about the damage done to a number of houses by a particularly violent monsoon, and we received an impassioned appeal for help from Pastor Wilson, the director of BGM, a small Indian NGO. We had some money from a bequest, and we decided to use some of this to help these people. A lot of the repairs have now been done, and the work on the other houses is ongoing.

Pastor Wilson reports:

Natural Calamities – Damaged houses with renovate Houses

1.Mathew’s House before and after

My Name is Mathew.I have two children and wife .I am an evangelist. My house was destroyed due to natural calamities that was happened in May we were desperate mentally. Also we was financially downtrodden. That time we thought about BGM Neyyardam.
Then we contact the BGM. They informed us we will to help.
Finally we got help from BGM Via HHI .Then suddenly we started work. Now the work is finished. We are very happy with this help. And also we convey our prayer and heartful congratulation.

2. Gopi’s House before and after
Mr. Gopi was a coolie. He have wife. But they haven’t children. Wife is heart patient.
During Last natural calamities our house’s wall and ceiling were destroyed, we were so desperate without any solution.
That time BGM director visited our place and they said he would try for renovating our house.
It was a wonderful word for us. After waiting some weeks, they supported us for remaking our house.
We are saying our heart full thanks for the people who helped us.

3. Baby’s House
Smt. Baby is a widow and very old women. She is partially deaf and blind. during the last calamities her home were destroyed. Till then she lived in her son’s house.
One day she and her son came to BGM with cried for help. Then BGM informed them to write a request for help.
Finally we supported them for renovating that small home. She conveys her heartfull greeting and thanks for the supporters.

4.Kochukunju’s House
Mr. Kochukunju is a coolie and he is a patient. He have two daughters. Both are married . But one is divorced . now she is with her parents.
During the Natural calamities his house ceiling were destroyed. Then he came to BGM for asking help. We said we will try. They renovated their house after getting the support. They are very happy and conveys their thanks and greetings to all supporters

5.Babu’s House
Mr. Babu is a heart patient. He have two daughters. They are married. During the Natural calamities their house ceiling was damaged. They was upset. Because every month his heart treatment need more money too. They approached BGM for help. After getting support they renovated their roof. Now they are very happy and conveys their greetings to all supporters.

6. Nahu’s House Before
Mrs. Nahu is a house wife. She have husband one child. Besides that, she adopted her sister’s daughter and taking care of her. Because her sister passed away. But, during the last Natural Calamities a tree fell on her house and damaged a lot. Therefore, she visited BGM in order to seek help. When she got support, they renovated the house. Now they can sleep safely in their home. They also conveys their greetings and thanks to the supporters.

7.Sarojam’s House Before
Smt. Sarojam is a widow. She have two daughters. She is living alone.
During the natural calamities one part of the house were destroyed. She was upset. The she visited BGM and cried for help. After getting support she renovated her house. Now she is very happy and also conveys her greetings to supporters.

8. Sindhu’s House Before
Smt. Sindhu have husband with three children. Her Husband is a alcoholic person . He doesn’t take care of his family.
So, That family is in a great sorrow. Besides that during that natural calamities their house was destroyed. In this situation they asked help from BGM.
After support all materials to the family, unfortunately a worker‘s mother passed away. Therefore that death ceremony had so many rituals and prayers. So, the work has been stopped for some weeks. But all materials are kept in their land. The construction work has been started today. It will finish within ten days. When the work is finished, I will send you the final photos.

9. Johny’s House
This house is making for Mr. Johny’s daughter. Actually this house is made for Sarada but she told us that she is too old .And also she is a patient. So she is ready to live with her relative house. So, we handover this house to her husband with her acceptance. The Johny have three daughters . Two daughters are mentally handicapped. But one daughter is normal and she married. But she is also living with her parents. But they doesn’t have enough space at their family. So, we provide this house to Johnny’s daughter. But the work is not finished yet. when the work started, two workers are affected with Covid. Now they are in quarantine. Next week will start construction work again. Then we will send you the final photo.

10. Ambily’s House
Mrs. Ambily have wife with two daughters. He is a coolie. During the natural Calamities one part of this house wall were destroyed. And also many damage happened inside the house. This house is located near the rock . This is slanded place. In this situation they realized that it is not safe to live this place. They decided to move from that place and they have some another land property . So they decided to build a house on that land by taking a loan. They asked us some money which is allotted from HHI for making a new house.
In this very bad situation we gave money which is allotted by HHI.They are very happy and conveys their greetings to you all.

11. Salomi House (Allotted money for Smt. Remya’s house)
When we visited to Remyas house they said that Government is about to support them for making new house. So we decided to give that money to another beneficiary named mrs Salomi. Salomi’s husband is a semi handicapped man and very poor. Because he was fall down one place some years back. That time broken his left leg. Inside fixed a steel rad in the leg.So, he is not able to do any works.He have wife and two children .Two Children are married.They all are living in a very small house. There is not much space . So we support that money to this family. They made a small house with that support. They are very happy. They convey their heartily greetings to the supporters.

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