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Jute and Hilary in Zambia – 5

A Quiet Afternoon at the Compound?

For the first time a doctor, in this case Dr Ibrahim, from the local Monze Mission Hospital visited the compound to tell us what would be useful for various hospital departments. He was amazed at the range and quality of the hospital equipment he saw. He could tell us which items would be more useful in either clinics or hospitals and that information will help the trustees and staff at HHZ when it comes to distribution time. He was also very grateful to everyone in the UK.

No sooner had Dr Ibrahim left, Prisca Hatembo arrived. Her old sewing machine, which she had received 10 years ago, was beyond repair and as we had 15 on the container we were glad to let her have one. As you know, HHI funded Prisca through school, teacher training college and she now works at the new Muumba school for which HHI provided funds.

During the August holidays, Prisca will keep herself busy making clothes for herself, her children and maybe others. We suggested to her brother that he might like to cook the shima and look after the children. He agreed of course!

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