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Jute And Hilary In Zambia – The Container Has Arrived!

Container Celebration: It’s here!

Once Carole Nzila had signed off the paperwork, the container, which had arrived by 7.30am, was ready to be unpacked. Headed by Adam and overseen by head of security Elliot, the scouts from Fidelis’ troupe and youths from Mr Gondwe’s church smartly set about removing all the items from the container.

Energy levels were high, the mood was good and soon everything was efficiently placed in the conference room. By noon, the container had departed and the workers were paid with a typical Zambian meal of fried chicken, vegetables and shima as well as 10 kwachas each (£1).

Fidelis was left to organise the items ready for distribution and by the end of the day, it was a case of a job well done. Indeed, from start to finish – to donors, packers, loaders, unloaders and distributors …WOW! Brilliant job, very well done!

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