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Kerala floods update

You may have seen on UK news that Kerala has been affected by floods once again. The BBC has reports here and here.

Some of the area around the Neyyar Dam, where we work, has been devastated. Pastor Wilson writes:

“Last night in Neyyardam, opened the dam due to huge rain with flood. It affected one area around 122 families who lives in the bank of the river side .They lost almost everything, even their personal belongings like their clothes, furniture, kitchen appliances, valuable documents and their food items etc.

“So, it would be blessing if we can provide them a help of 6000 Rupees (£60) (for purchasing essential kitchen appliance) and a food kit for each family for 1000 rupees (£10) for a week. This would be very helpful for buying food at least for a week. Please think about these most urgent items.

“We can immediately provide these items for the families. At least average each family expense 7000 Rupees (£70) only.

“Thank you very much for your very hard work for poor people.”

If you can give us anything, we will send it to Pastor Wilson for him to distribute to the most need families. About 70% of the total come into this category.

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