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Latest from the Neyyar Dam

Very Respected Edmond sir,
Warm greetings from BGM Social Service Centre, Neyyardam.
Good day and Praise the Lord in the name of our precious Lord Jesus Christ. I hope you all are fine and have good health. Here we all are fine. And Thank you very much for your support. Here we have received Rupees 51200 from HHI [this cost us £582; a Rupee costs just over 1p] for our different programmes from this 4500 rupees Donated one family for purchasing goat rearing .
Programme for Mrs.Santha .She and his family is very happy with this Goat rearing programme.

And we donated 4500 Rupees to donate a poor family for purchasing a tailoring machine. Her name is smt. Sudha have two children Her husband is a coolie. Now they are very happy now.Started earning money from her machine.

Our tailoring Training is continuing. We used 8000 rupees for Teacher honorarium. But every month we need a maintenance help. Now around a 20 ladies are learning tailoring training.

Credit Union also continuing we used 10000 Rupees for field workers(Animators) honorarium.

And our continues patients are received the following amounts.
Sorbana (breast cancer) 500
Sindhu (medical Treatment) 1,000
Aranda Veley father Varghese (medical Treatment) 500
Sheela (medical Treatment) 1,500
Sindhu’s mother(medical Treatment) 700
Jayaraj & Jobin (medical Treatment) 1,000
Manoj & Aravind (medical Treatment) 1200
Nirmala 2000
Suseela 500
Shaiju 500
Yesudas 1000

For extra medical aid was 15000 Rupees you sent to us.
We supported Mrs.Mohan das for his mental Treatment 3000
We supported Mrs. Shylaja or her
Dialysis Treatment Treatment support 2500
We supported Mr.Raju
for his paralysis treatment 2500
We supported mrs.Ambika For her heart
hospital expense 3000
We supported Mr.Krishnan for his heart
treatment 2000
We supported to Mrs. Salomi for medical
treatment 2000

Many families are convey their thanks and have smiling faces.
Thank you very much. These all people convey their heartily thanks and prayers to you all and happy to you all members.
I wish you a prayerful thanks to you all.
May God bless you all.
Remember in prayers .
Pastor .Wilson Kochukunju
BGM Social Service Centre,
Neyyardam.Kerala, S.India, 9746122137

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