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Long List of Lent Ideas (Part 1) – More tomorrow

Please look at the complete list, there will be some ideas you may like to try! There are 11 in all in this part.

Fundraising Faithfuls!

Prayer Focus: Please pray for everyone who goes the extra mile to ensure the success of the work of HHI, that the funds generated may be put to the best possible use and that the beneficiaries receive the help they so desperately need.

Lightbulb moment

Lightbulb moment

Barbie Day

Did you know that it’s Barbie Day on 9th March?  Do you have any Barbie dolls or old, and maybe valuable, toys stashed away and looking for a new home? Perhaps it’s time to auction or sell some tucked away toys and donate the profits to HHI.

Toy engine

Spring sort out!

It’s that time of year again! March 21st is officially the first day of spring. As we turn out our drawers and cupboards in a grand Spring Clean, will we find any items of clothing, bedding, jewellery or even furniture that could be sold on eBay or Facebook Marketplace or taken to the ‘Cash for Clothes’ shop? Any income made will be gratefully received by HHI.   Thank you.

spring clean

Spring clean

‘Double Your Money’ Treasure Hunt

Pair up with a family member.  One person is the hider the other is the hunter.

The hider hides money of different denominations in a room.  However much money the hunter finds within a specified time, that amount must be matched by the hider and put aside for HHI.  Change roles and it’s off you go again!

Happy hiding and hunting from HHI !

treasure hunt

Treasure hunt

Family members can negotiate to swap an item with each other. It’s a free swap – but comes with a transaction charge!  Winners all round…especially those in need in India and Zambia.  Thank you.

Sponsored Something – one for the Church!

Often Churches and Prayer groups hold a Sponsored Event to raise money. Tried and tested ideas include a Bible Readathon, Sponsored Big Sing or Best Bible Tracts – individuals pay to share their favourite tracts with the congregation – and say why they are liked!  It’s over to you!

sponsored singalong

Sponsored singalong

Bible verse

Be Still …

Hold Your Own Supporters’ Evening

Why not invite one of our committee members to your church or group to learn more about the challenges faced by the vulnerable and sick in India and Zambia, how HHI strives to help and celebrate some of our success stories!

We will bring an informative PowerPoint and some Indian and Zambian craft items should you wish to purchase something different!                                                                                             We look forward to seeing you soon!

Avendale HHI Meeting 01-2023

Avendale HHI Meeting 01-2023

Footnote: New initiatives such as our very well received ‘Handmade with Love’ craft sales (See Alternative Gifts under the Donate section on the HHI website) complement the well-established fundraising enterprises such as the sale of beautiful SFHHI Indian Leaf Cards, the Rag bag collection, and ever popular Annual Bridge Drive. 

Fun & Games

Prayer Focus: Please give thanks for families and fun and remember in your prayers those for whom family life is difficult; where parents struggle to meet the needs of the family and when children bear responsibility beyond their years. Please pray that they will be granted ‘…hope and a future’ (Jeremiah 29:11) and that HHI will be able to play some part in the realisation of God’s plan.

Lent is known as a time of Prayer and for those involved with HHI, the serious business of prayer is at the heart of our work. But that does not mean we can’t have fun.  So, we are suggesting some enjoyable ways of raising funds for HHI.

April Fool’s Day on April 1st why not have a family Jokeathon?

April fool's day

April fool’s day

Family Film nights – Charge cinema prices to watch some family favourites!

film night

Film night

Silly Hat Teatime – no explanation needed!

silly hat

Silly hat

Games Extravaganza – Challenge your family to play board games such as draughts or chess, have a jigsaw puzzle race, a Lego house building competition or devise a Quirky Quiz.



Song and Dance

The more outgoing among our supporters may prefer a karaoke or danceathon.





Whatever you choose to do to raise funds for HHI, have fun!

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