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Making a difference – Penultimate day – Part One

Menstrual Hygiene Education making a difference. 
Today we spent the morning with the HHZ staff. We especially spent time with the seamstresses Primeldah and Alistair. We spoke about the menstrual hygiene programme, and they explained that they are required to make over 400 packs for each school they visit. The menstrual hygiene programme delivered to the schools by the HHZ staff ensures that girls are not absent from school when they are menstruating. They can use the washable pads made by the HHZ team without the embarrassment of not having any proper protection. The materials are costly, and sadly money isn’t always available from the UK. Our mission is to try to access some grant funding when we return from our visit to enable the work  to expand and ensure that all the vulnerable girls receive.  Alistair explained that when they have visited schools and delivered the lesson on how to use of the pads, some girls are left in tears as there are not enough packs to go round.
(Below -the items which make up the menstrual hygiene packs
MHP students

Secondary school pupils receiving menstrual hygiene packs funded by HHI UK

Menstrual hygiene pack

Menstrual hygiene pack

Alistair senstising girls

Receiving training

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