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Mealtime at Muumba

The Proof is in the pudding!
Our regular readers will remember that the area of Zambia that we work in is in the grip of a serious famine. Government efforts to address this may politely be described as insufficient.

On 6th November we reported that Mr Bbilika, headteacher at Muumba school, was very grateful for the support given by HHI during the ongoing drought and time of hunger. Otherwise, because no government funding was available to help feed the children, Muumba school would have been forced to close.

So, we are very happy to share the Muumba mealtime photos that we have just received.

Using the 4 large saucepans which we purchased for K 400 (£25), the parents are now able to cook cabbages, soya pieces, nshima and tomatoes. In order to enjoy their meal, the children bring their own plates to school.

No doubt those of you who have followed the Muumba school journey will be delighted with both the pictures which clearly show the children enjoying their lunch and also the amazing changes that have taken place in the school.

Thank you friends for making this possible!

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