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Naanga School

Today trustee Mr Gondwe drove trustee Mr Mugalia, HHZ administrator Carole Nzila and Jute as well as 6 wipe down mattresses and disposable mattress covers for approximately 2 hours to Naanga School.
There they met the very gracious, quietly spoken, and appreciative Headteacher Mr Hansangu, Edson Lungu, the house father and Mary, the boarding mistress.
The school has two separate dormitories and caters for 10 disabled girls and 10 disabled boys up to grade 7. Most of the students pass their exams and then leave to go to grade 8 in a different school.
As it was the school holidays there were no children present but staff and caretaking staff were watering and hoeing. Large areas had been cultivated and there was evidence of vegetable growing and what promises to be healthy crops for the future.
As you may know, HHIUK funded the new toilets which were well built and very clean. There was a handrail and enough space to turn a wheelchair. There were male and female toilets, ramps and also an outside sink. The next step is to consider installing concrete pathways which are needed to join the ramps to the main school area and to the dormitories. Also, the dormitories are in need of a lick of paint.
At the moment there is a tin shed-type structure in which cooking takes place. This is a problem in the rainy season so a new kitchen/dining area is a necessity. It was good to learn that this school does not lack initiative; they had managed to raise funds for window panes themselves. On the next visit to Naanga, soap, toothbrushes and stationery will be taken.
Jute spoke about the Menstrual Hygiene Management initiative, which targets girls coming into grade 7, with Mr Hansangu and he is very happy for this to take place. This means that Alistair and Primelda, who have been trained to deliver this package, will be undertaking yet another task.
Since Chris Byrne’s visit in 2015, the school now receives K 5,000 each term for food instead of K 3,000. Chris had commented about the low level of funding when he signed the visitor’s book – maybe this had been seen by someone in the government and acted upon? Nice one Chris!

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