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News from Kerala, India

We have worked with Wilson Kochukunju at the Neyyar Dam for a number of years. Last month we were able to send him out a bit of extra money, and he has told us how he has spent it:

Very respected Edmond sir,Warm greetings and praise the Lord.

Thank you very much for you’re a special support for the needy people. You sent 63,000 Rupees [£700] .

Rs. 5,000 [£55] was for one tailoring machine. That is I distributed one poor person.His name is Xavier. He purchase the machine and start his work. I donate 5000 Rupees. But the machine price was 7500 Rupees. The rest of the money he find.

And also 5000 rupees for purchasing chickens. I distributed for purchasing chicks for three families.

15000 rupees for medical bills.I distributed for three patients. One for the operation charges I give 10000 Rupees [£110], Other 5000 for two patients purchasing medicines.

The other 38000 Rupees [£400] are we distributed for rice with kitchen cooking items for the needy people.

Because the corona season all people are too poverty. Around 70 people use this benefit.Thank you very much for this very valuable help. Remember in prayers.

NB: Now two very poor patients are waiting for removing their uterus very serious condition. All government hospitals full of corona patients. So they are not slowed the operations now.but doctors suggestion is they need very urgent operation. But the private hospitals are only allowed the operations these people crying and painful their future life. Because lack of money. Each operation needed in medium type private hospital Corona test with Uterus removing treatment cost at least 50000 Rupees [£550].

Please try and pray for them. Their names Mrs Jewelsy and Mrs Thankam (widow)

With love and best wishes.
Pr. Wilson Kochukunju

We’ll see what we can do!

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