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News from Monze Mission Hospital

Dr Sufyan Ibrahim, our contact at Monze Mission Hospital, has sent us this report…
Monze Mission Hospital is as busy as ever. The weather is chilly but that does not seem to deter our patients. But then what are we there for?! With the cold season our burns section of the ward is full, but we hope to do those poor kids some good.

The autoclave worked very well on connecting to a power source and it should be operational very soon. The one at the dental clinic is on its last tether. In due course I shall send you a few pictures of it.

The instruments are a God send and the suction tubing and anaesthesia circuits are very helpful. The sacks full of colostomy bags will see us through for a long time to come.

Diathermy Update

I thank you very much for your efforts at acquiring the diathermy. It appears that TTM [a possible supplier of diathermy machines] do not have what I am looking for, but what they have may be just fine. I think a brand new one will do the trick, provided we get a good three or four earthing pads. I am sure we can wait, as the OR still has functional ones. The best way to get it down to Monze would be to send it with someone coming down. But postal service as a last resort would be okay.

Looking Ahead

I will be very glad to meet the trustees when they come to Monze. Kindly keep me posted.

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