This section provides a view of the HHI team in the UK and also the people who help our operations in Zambia and India.

All the people who work for HHI in the UK are volunteers - trustees, committee members and others involved in the charity work give their time to help others and this enables HHI to focus all its funding on the people in need. Over time the number of people involved has increased from one person - Ron Prosser, the founder - to quite a few. This is an indication of how we have grown.

There is a Board of Trustees in the UK and also one in Zambia (Health Help Zambia) to meet their charity law requirements. The Trustees devise and oversee the strategy and ensure we meet all of our obligations as a charity, including audited accounts. We have a committee who manage the day to day running - fund raising, accounts, communication, literature and PR, project management and so on.

We have links with people in Zambia and India who ensure the money donated by our supporters is spent effectively and in the right place.