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My name is Br Innocent Zilole Phiri OH. I have a background of diploma in Registered Nursing, I hold a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Counselling, a Master of Science in Clinical Psychology, am a PhD Research Fellow  in Clinical Psychology looking at substance abuse and dependence among adolescents. I have a number of certificates like in leadership, trainer of trainers, fundraising, nursing, psychosocial counseling, among others. I am also trained in religious studies that’s – combined religious Theology and Philosophy.

I belong to the Hospitaller Order of St John of God, St Augustine province of Africa, a catholic religious order.

I am the current director of Holy Family Rehabilitation Center in Monze, a center that offers Holistic rehabilitation services, among them an inclusive school from early childhood to grade seven, children and adult separate physiotherapy, Orthopedic department where artificial legs are manufactured, Psychological counseling services on out patient and also we have a residential recovery program ( Alcohol and Substance Abuse). Where those addicted to alcohol and different substances are admitted.

At HHZ I am a board member, and am attached to child protection and safeguarding issues, am the chairperson of this committee. I make sure that all safeguarding policies are followed and that no one is abused, if a case arises we deal with it accordingly in consultations with the team, board chair and others. As HHZ committee on safeguarding we don’t work in isolation but with other stake holders like victim support, social welfare, world vision, diocese of Monze, among others.

People living with varying disabilities are a passion to me because I believe as a Christian that we are all created in the image of God and no one should be side lined, excluded in activities because of being differently abled. I see everyone as my brother and sister, as disability is not inability and we are all created in the image of God and God is love.

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