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Edmund Plummer

Chair of Trustees and India lead/Committee Member

Edmund first heard about HHI when Ron Prosser was raising money to provide a doctor and medicines for the clinic at Mpongwe. Then in 2000 he was asked to become a trustee, and he has maintained this role ever since. His involvement with HHI has gradually increased since then. In 2007 he went out to India with Ron and some others for the first time; this turned out to be a turning point for Edmund – he fell in love with the country and its people. Ron asked him to take over responsibility for HHI’s work in India, which he was very happy to do. Finally, in 2010, Edmund was elected chairman of the trustees when Ron retired.

Edmund is married and has three adult sons. He is retired (he used to work at the UK Intellectual Property Office in Newport, examining patent applications). In his spare time he is on the leadership team of Nant Coch church in Newport; he preaches and leads services there and occasionally at other churches. He is also chair of trustees of Nant Coch. Edmund enjoys listening to classical music, reading, DIY and watching aircraft.

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