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Funcy Gondwe

Chair of Trustees (HHZ)

Funcy Stend Gondwe joined Health Help Zambia in 2015 and his addition to the HHZ Trustees has proved to be a real blessing. Indeed, his abilities were quickly recognised and he was soon offered the position of Chairperson – a position he now holds.

He has had a lifelong focus of helping needy people and he credits his mother for his passion for helping those not as privileged as himself. Although she was widowed when Mr Gondwe was 3 years old, he reports that his mother…

‘liked keeping orphans and displaced young and old people. She used to tell me that when you see people who are orphaned or aged never overlook them because in God we are all one. So we continued living with a number of children as well as the aged. Sometimes I would see Mum struggle to find food to feed us as the number of people would go up to 10 or even 15 but through God’s grace we would survive. When I was 15-16 years I started recalling what mum was doing then when I came across a person who had no clothes or food I would always share my clothes or food.’

Mr Gondwe’s lifestory illustrates how God’s blessings are used to enrich the lives of others. Although his mother could not fund his education, his exceptional intellect was recognised early on by his school and he was invited to attend without charge. Indeed, throughout his life he says that, ‘Fruits for being a cheerful giver started showing to me.’

Behind his happy and unassuming manner, Mr Gondwe is a dynamic force, totally focused on the effective running of the charity in order to fulfil its mission.

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