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Primeldah Sikalinda

Teacher of the disabled, knitting, schools work

Primeldah considers that it is a privilege to be working with disabled and needy people. She has become increasingly aware that different people hold different attitudes towards disability and found herself challenged as to how she could best conduct herself and relate to those less privileged than herself.

After working with her first disabled student she saw herself as having real value and worked hard to realise her goal which was to make her student a good knitter. In order to achieve this, Primeldah learnt how to communicate using signs. She admits that this motivates her very much. She loves her association with disabled people and the success she is able to facilitate. Being a mother, she feels she is able to extend her instinctive caring role to the workplace.

Using her words, Primeldah notes that she is not just a human being but has become more human since working with disabled people. She says,

‘Association with the disabled makes one become more human than just a human being.’

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