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Praying for rain

You may have heard about the serious drought that is afflicting parts of Africa including Zambia – there have been a couple of news articles about it recently on BBC news, here, and here from 41:00 to 45:50. They mention that Southern Province, which is where we work, has been particularly hard hit.

We have responded by increasing the food support that we provide to Muumba School, the malnutrition ward at Monze Mission Hospital, and the disabled unit at Monze School. As a result, Muumba School is still open for business, unlike many other schools in the area.

But we would like to do more. We’ll be discussing what we can do at our next Management Committee meeting, and also discussing with our partners n Zambia.

And the good news is that the World Food Programme has now got involved.

We’ll make sure that you are the first to know what we are doing, but in the meantime please pray for the rain that they so desperately need.

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