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Thank you from our Patron

Hello to all the wonderful people who have given so much of their talents, time, and treasure to our growing HHI family. It is far beyond what I ever imagined would result from the early pioneering days when the charity was set up.

It has been so good to welcome new volunteers from around the UK, India and Zambia but also to recognise the encouragement and experience that we all get from the many “Old Hands” who have stayed the course, some from the very first days.

It thrills my heart and I thank you all so very, very much for your loyalty and friendship.

I have spent several hours this afternoon reading through the Annual Report and what an excellent report it is. Yes, as expected there are ups and downs, but thankfully far more ups than downs and a real credit to Edmund, Jute, Iain, Peter and Sue who have done most of the travelling over the years and now able to start doing so again. Their expertise and watchfulness on all aspects of the work are true testimonies to their skills. I am not forgetting all the stay at home folks like myself now, but I am sure they will agree that those travellers are worth a special thank you.

My reading of the Report has reminded me of so many stories that inevitably have faded a little in my memory so the reminder has been an extra reward for the time it has taken to study the words which have brought back so many enjoyable thoughts and given me an enjoyable afternoon.

I am so glad that there are some really helpful things that are being planned for the future, Including our magnificent videos all of which are in the pipeline for future reports, and I am so glad that there was not a mention of ‘calling it a day’ which surely means that doing what we can to help those whose lives are not as peaceful or, may I say, as easy, as ours are in the UK despite the rising costs of UK living. The fact that we can still meet our obligations says much about the regard in which we are held by our supporters and the Grace of God whose is the work we are surely involved in.

Whatever facet of that work you are involved with throughout the UK, I greatly thank you.



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