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“The loan sharks don’t come to our village any more”

In our recent Tidings we described how successful the women’s credit unions (self-help groups) that we foster have become, so much so that another administrator was needed.

The good news is that another animator has been appointed already.  Pastor Wilson writes:

“We selected an Animator from April . Her name is Mrs. Nahu. She has one child. He is studying. And she adopted one girl. Her sister passed away four years back. She was working with our organization. When her sister died suddenly Mrs Nahu adopted her sister’s daughter.

Mrs Nahu

Mrs Nahu

“Nahu’s husband is working in a shop labour. And she worked with our organization some years back.  But after it became not possible to pay her salary she stopped.”

She sounds like an excellent choice.  And she has already started nine more groups.  Each group has 10 to 20 members.  And the whole family benefits.  So that is another 500-600 people who have been empowered to lift themselves out of poverty, in addition to the 12,000 or so that we are helping already.

To find out more about these groups please see our short film on our website at

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