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There’s always a solution!

We visited Priscilla Hatwambo at home. A bumpy hour long journey took us into the bush to the sprawling village, Ntambo. Priscilla had had cerebral malaria as an 8 year old and has been unable to speak or walk properly ever since. She is, however, as bright as a button, and although we could not fully understand her sign language we were left in no doubt as to what she wanted. Priscilla was delighted to see Jute and trustee Mr Maheritona again and pleased to receive gifts from Jute. She was, however, not afraid to ask for other things she needed and that included ‘Boom’ washing powder.

Priscilla’s living conditions are nowhere near acceptable. Her family home has fallen down and she now lives with her mother, father and brother in a dilapidated shed. Priscilla’s bed, provided by HHI, is in need of repair and she had recently broken one of her crutches.

School is a haven for Priscilla. At school she enjoys learning, has friends and has fun! She is so grateful to HHI supporters for funding this.

We discussed with Mr Maheritona what Priscilla’s prospects might be once she finishes her schooling. What options are there for a girl with Priscilla’s disabilities? At the moment, we don’t know what the future holds but we will continue to support Priscilla with her schooling and transport to and from school. If finances allow HHI would like to rebuild the family home.

And, by the way, we have bought the ‘Boom’!

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