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Three have a very special day

Wednesday – the last day of the trip for HHI’s two volunteers Edmund and Chris with Carol a supporter. We know they have been busy, hot and on a number of interesting car journeys. They will take their final journey at 6am tomorrow morning to the airport for their flights back to UK.

Why was today so special? The team stayed in the Special Therapy Centre throughout the trip and used it as a base to travel to many individuals and projects funded by HHI. They also discovered new opportunities to help people in need. The one exception was the trip to Asha Kiran Ashram where they stayed for 2 nights last week.

Today, they stayed at the Therapy Centre with the children and staff until mid-afternoon. There were 25 very special children, with many different problems to contend with in their lives; some physical, some mental and in some cases both. There is a very special atmosphere at the centre – lots of love and care but also many ways for the children to improve over time; including speech therapy, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and learning. All delivered with smiles and love. The team walked around observing the work and how the children responded. Philip does a fantastic job overseeing this work, with a vision to extend and improve the centre. HHI lent appeal has the new centre as one project it will fund with half the money raised (the other half will go to Muumba School in Zambia). If you are reading this and can help financially, look out for the next Tidings or simply contact us.

Lots of photographs of happy engaged children will appear on the website soon as will some of the video clips taken today. The team served the children their lunch and then joined in a rousing hour of fun, songs and dance.

At about 3.30 the team left for a few visits nearby. They went to see Biju who HHI helped two years ago. Then on to buy some more crafts to sell in UK and finally a tuition group. This was special too. Walia Kalinga tuition group has between 18 and 20 school children at various grade levels. There was also some talent on show with singing and dancing. Normally the highlight is the team singing! Not this time. A 12 year girl, Kavia, performed a drama routine including at least 4 roles and a karate routine. Excellent – she should go far. The team brought sweets and school stationery donated by North Wales supporters. HHI’s thanks go to a supporter in Scotland for funding the tuition groups the team visited on this trip.

One more journey, home. No more daily reports. Thank you for taking the time to read them. Hope you found them interesting and informative. More information will be loaded on the website as soon as possible after the team return.

Good Night

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