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Two become 3 – India 2019

The Chris and Edmund team are visiting together again; after their recent trip to Zambia last October; they have teamed up to visit people and projects in Kerela, India for two weeks. The third one? Carol, Chris’s sister. Carol is from Soroptimist International Coventry who have supported HHI in recent years; raising funds for our work at Thanal House. They arrived today and hit the ground running, well running after the long process getting through immigration. The first hurdle, how does one man who is the ‘e-Visa facilitator’ person process the pack of people who have just disembarked from a long tiring journey? Edmund said when he sees the word facilitator in India, it is time to worry! You guessed it, he didn’t facilitate well and chaos ensued. So here’s the thing, the facilitator checks before the immigration officer checks and processes one’s visa, then his work is checked by another ‘checker’ and just when you thought you have made it, one more check before going through the gate. All in about 25 metres! Anyway they made it through and got straight into the business in hand.

As usual the three visitors were met by Tom, Philip and Shibu. As usual the car was not big enough for luggage, driver and six passengers. That was sorted out, the first call was to the local beach to stretch legs and take in fresh air. Not for long, they were soon amongst the busy town traffic. First stop, the Medical College hospital, where they saw Ward 9 where outcast patients from the main teaching hospital go for rehabilitation – 60% of the patients there are ones Shibu has cared for. Then they went to see Sindhu, a kidney patient on dyalisis we already help, but her health is failing. Edmund gave her some money and a prayer was said. The Senior Nurse took them to see Chinna Tampi, another kidney patient who was shivering because “it was cold.” 30 degrees is cold to some. Again HH made a contribution towards his dialysis and another prayer followed.

The team went ‘home’ to the Special Therapy Centre where they will stay for the visit. Unpacked, quenched by lots of tea they were off again. Into Nedumengad to a Foreign Exchange then to a tuition group at Kokkotela (see photograph).This group has 19 children on the role and 14 were present. They spoke about what they were learning and then sang several songs. Of course the intrepid three responded with song and then shared out some sweets. Back home at 6pm for dinner, discussions about the programme of visits and undoubtedly an early night! Will post again soon.

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