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Great is the darkness

Today has involved a fair bit of travelling. We got back at a reasonable time but a storm seems to have brought down a power line and the place is in darkness. I’m using the last of the power left in my phone to do this. Today we were visiting people who we help regularly or who were in need of help towards medicines, an operation and a scan. Two stand out. One was Sheela, a grandmother living with her mother, al stroke patient who was bedridden, mher daughter, and two grandchildren. The lone breadwinner, her son in law, is an alcoholic who contributes nothing to the family. Sheela had cancer back in ,2010 and now needed further checks including ultrasound and VT scans, which would cost GBP 50, money that the gamy didn’t have. Fortunately my church and SFHHI had given me very generous amounts of money to distribute, so I was able to give her the full cost as well as some money for food. As is so often the case, the family insisted on entertaining is despite their abject poverty. Our last call, in the midst of a tropical storm , was on Israel. Old, bearded and supporting himself on a long thick stock, he certainly looked the part of a testament character. He needed help with the cost of his medication, which we were happy to give. We also promised to help with the cost of an angiogram which he needs. OiK, apologies for the typos. It’s now pitch dark and I am struggling. I hope that it all makes sense.

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