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HHI Autumn Supporters Evening

Fri, 14/11/2014 - 19:30

Our Autumn Supporters Evening takes place on November 14th at Stow Park starting at 7.30pm. Please come along and enjoy a pleasant evening with fellow supporters and friends. It is an ideal opportunity to catch up on our work and hear about people's experiences in India nad Zambia. We will also have crafts and books on sale. As usual the evening will start with a time of worship and finish with a very fine buffet. In between, the programme will include a presentation from the Scarisbricks family on their visit to Zambia in August.

The Trustees and Committee look forward to seeing you there and to thank you for your continued support - without you there would be no HHI!

Monze Town School

Snack time at Monze Town School

As well as our work in providing a new school for the Muumba Community we also provide support for Monze Town Special School. The children come from very poor and under privileged backgrounds and HHI provide funds and school items to help them in their education. One of the key elements in helping the children is to ensure thay at least get some food and drink during the day. We have received a few pictures of the school snack time and also when the children received school items - go to the gallery and take a look.

Muumba School - things get better and better...

Pupils sitting at their new desks

Things continue to move on at Muumba School which has come a long way from the very small run down shack like building to a new building with solar power, teaching equiment and now new desks. The new toilet block is almost finished too. The community in Muumba have put a lot of work into completing the building and now their children are enjoying pleasant surroundings as they learn. There is one volunteer teacher - Nancy Sinazongwe - and she has devoted two years to the orphaned and vulnerable children's education. There is an opportunity to fund her own further development at Teacher Training College - something for us to consider and pray for.  We received a number of pictures which you will find in the gallery.

Letter from Tom Sutherland

Indian life, charity work, railway station

[We get a letter by email each month from Tom Sutherland.  This one is particularly interesting - it is both amusing and sheds a lot of light on life in India in general, and the work that we do in particular.]

Dear Edmund

The grace and peace of our Lord Jesus.

Great to have a word with you on the phone on Sunday and Philip enjoyed his chat also.  The letter that was in the pipeline seemed to have slipped off into some branching drainpipe and isn’t immediately at hand - I think I know which shop I left it in - I’ll ask tomorrow - meanwhile will get this off.  Again, thank you all there for another massive gift for the work here.  We know how much time and effort and prayer goes into it and again we thank God for it and for you.