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Container 2014 unloading and distribution

UK items arrive for people In Zambia

Container arrives full of goodies!Throughout the year many supporters and organisations such as hospitals and churches donate items for HHI to load onto a container bound for Zambia; and for the first time we received many continental quilts from a well known hotel chain. In addition to such 'one offs' we collect and store a wide variety of  items – ranging from hospital beds and wheelchairs to pencils and knitted dolls. In fact in recent months we have received a large amount of knitted items – dolls, clothes and blankets from a number of individuals and knitting groups.

The Container has arrived

Container 2014 arrives at Monze

Good news. We have just heard that the container has arrived in Monze - in tact and without incident or any additional charges; which can happen with such an operation.  As you can see from this picture it has arrived full to the brim with lots of items you have donated and we have stored over the past year. This year we also 'sold' some space to Hands Across the World for them to ship items for their work in Zambia.

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HHI team on Eggheads

Bystanders Team's performance on Eggheads is recorded

The Bystanders on Eggheads has been recorded! Though sworn to secrecy about the result we can tell you that the team's performance is 'in the can.' It was quite a challenging and draining experience but at the same time a great opportunity. The team met at least one of their objectives - to use the show to publicise HHI and raise our profile. We will have to wait and see whether they met the second objective - to win some money! When we know the broadcast date we will post the details on the website. Well done to all the team for having a go - we wait with eager anticipation to see how it went.

Bystanders left to right: Harris Douglas, Iain Park, John Spurrier-Davies, Eddie Donald, Edmund Plummer and Mike Hopkin

SFHHI Newsletter

Strathaven Friends of HHI Newsletter

We have a special group of supporters in Strathaven in Scotland call Strathaven Friends of HHI - SFHHI. Iain Parks and the team regularly issue a newsletter to keep the supporters informed. Here is an extract from the recent newsletter - it gives us an insight into the excellent work iundertaken by SFHHI...

The 2014 Container – the latest news is that the Container has now reached East Africa and is about to make the final challenging part of its journey crossing the border between Mozambique and Zambia. Hopefully it will reach Monze intact within the next week or so and the HHZ team there will be faced with the huge but very satisfying task of unloading, sorting out and distributing the mountain of educational and medical items which the HHI supporters throughout the UK have contributed. Thanks again to all of you who contributed to our part in this and particularly to Ian Gow who accumulated over 22 boxes in his house and to Alistair and Ann Ogilvie who made a trip specially to Newport to deliver the goods.

The Ragbag Scheme – still going well – if you know of anyone moving house or emptying a house and has lots of items to dispose of please advise us or let the owners know about our Ragbag scheme. We’ll be happy to uplift bags or they can, as usual, be deposited in the boxes within the Rankin and East Church halls or in the Scout and Guide Centre.

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