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A Bright Future!

Bright Makala

Most schools nowadays display photographs of the Headteacher and staff and Maamba Special School in Zambia is no exception. To our delight, two of the teachers in the Maamba school photographs, Bright Makala and Frank Wamui, both blind, were former pupils at the school and their education there, as well as their further education at Mongu College of Education, had been sponsored by HHI. At one time, Bright had also been employed by HHI in Monze and it was there that he learned his music skills and how to use the Braille equipment in the printing department. Bright explained that as a disabled child born to peasant farmers, he had no prospects and had anticipated a life begging on the streets. Indeed, although he is highly intelligent and very articulate, being blind meant that in society, and particularly within his own family, he was an ‘outcast in life’. The support given by HHI coupled with his brimming enthusiasm and dedication, led to Bright being appointed to Maamba School on 1st July 2011 by the Zambian Government. Not only does he have a good job now but when he retires he will be eligible for a Government pension. As well as fulfilling his teaching commitment, Bright is currently following a degree programme in Civic Education and History at Kwame Nkrumah University in Kabwe, north of Lusaka.

An intrepid worker returns from India

Gregor (third right) looks on at Onam celebration

HHI offers both the challenge and opportunity to visit our work in India and Zambia; during such visits many people get involved in making a difference by doing physical work whilst others do equally important tasks like assessing project progress and seeking out new opportunities to help people. Several people have done both and in this case it is one of our supporters from Scotland. Gregor was one of the group of scouts and leaders who went out to Zambia on two occasions to do some work out there - most notably the building for two hammer mills. He has recently returned from a visit to India and again Gregor has got his hands dirty working at Thanal House. One of the ongoing projects there includes new toilet and washing facilities; provision of fresh water and improving the outdoor areas - making them secure to enable the women to stay outside for longer periods. Go to the gallery to see some of the work Gregor got involved in.

During Gregor's stay the local people celebrated Onam (photo to left)  and the photographs he sent us were taken during the celebrations at the counselling / physio centre at Nedumangad. Onam is a big religious/cultural celebration - perhaps the Hindu equivalent of Christmas.

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