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Philip and his new motorbike

Philip collects his new motorbike

One of the easiest and quickest ways to get around the areas where HHHI operates in India is by motorbike. Over the years Philips's motorbike has been his workshorse - essential transport for him to travel to very remote places, for example to visit the tuition groups in villages, or visiting some of our projects to deliver their monthly funding - provided by you our supporters in the UK.

A few years back he was riding on bare tyres and Eddie, visiting at the time, paid to replace them; it was only a matter of time before the bike would breakdown completely given the mileage and the rugged terrain Philip travels. Whne we go out to visit it takes some time to get used to the road conditions - traffic and raod surfaces!  Without a motorbike Philip would not be able to be as effective as he is - a key link in our work out there. We sent out the funding for a new bike; he sold his old one and as you can see Philip is delighted by his new workhorse!

Important Announcement - Recycling envelopes

Mobile phone recycling

In our recent mailshot we included a recycling envelope from Recycle4Charity. You can use it to send your used print cartridges through the post free of charge and HHI receive funding as a result. Recycle4Charity have informed us that due to changes to Royal Mail's policy regarding prohibited goods they can no longer accept mobile phones via the envelopes and they may start to incur a surcharge from the Post Office for any that are sent.

We apologise for this change and request you only send used cartridges in the envelopes.

Please note also on the envelope the type of cartridge which Recycle4Charity do not accept.

Thank you


Container 2014 unloading and distribution

UK items arrive for people In Zambia

Container arrives full of goodies!Throughout the year many supporters and organisations such as hospitals and churches donate items for HHI to load onto a container bound for Zambia; and for the first time we received many continental quilts from a well known hotel chain. In addition to such 'one offs' we collect and store a wide variety of  items – ranging from hospital beds and wheelchairs to pencils and knitted dolls. In fact in recent months we have received a large amount of knitted items – dolls, clothes and blankets from a number of individuals and knitting groups.

Transport for Philip

Charity work Kerala, India.  Disabled children.  Counselling teens and families.

Philip's duties mean a lot of travelling.  He has 15 tuition groups scattered around the villages of Kerala, each with an associated women's empowerment group.  He has also been supervising various building work - CDSA's new building at Idinjar in the foothills of the Western Ghat mountains, and now some work at Thanal House to create a safe outdoor area for the ladies to go.  And he also need to go into Nedumangad regularly, where our counselling centre and work with the disabled happens daily.  A number of years ago the Friends of the Banyan Tree bought him a small motor-cycle; this has served him very well, but after 100,000 miles or so on punishing roads it had come to the end of its useful life, and was needing monthly visits to the garage to keep it running.  So recently the Friends of the Banyan Tree have very generously provided the money for a replacement, much to Philip's delight - many thanks to Sue and Peter and their supporters in East Anglia and beyond.   It should keep him safe and mobile for many years, as well as helping the environment by using a lot less petrol.