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Strathaven Supporters' Evening and RS50

Cheque presentation by Mrs Bibby Miller

We have just had a lovely supporters' evening in Strathaven following the RS50 event. There were about 50 people in attendance with lovely tea and home baking. A cheque for £4500 was given to HHI by the chair person of FOSS (Friends of Strathaven Scouts RS50) committee Mrs Bibby Miller from the money raised by RS50. Fantastic amount of money. Lovely atmosphere and very interested, supportive and generous people.

Countdown to Container 2014

Container bound for Zambia in 2013

On 26th August we will be loading up the 2014 container bound for Zambia. This is one of the highlights in our calendar and when the container arrives some three months later it is a very special day for HHI in Zambia. Over the year we have received a wide variety of items form organisations and individuals. The list of different things would take too long to write out but it would include disability aids, medical and hospital equipment, materials and sewing/knitting machines.

We have stored every item received in a facility near Newport and on the day of loading many volunteers will be there to move everything we can from the store room onto the 40 foot container. A lot of enthusiasm, energy and organising will be on display on the day. By the end of the work several tired people will retun home - knowing that because of your generosity there will be many individuals, clinics, hospitals, schools and communities who will benefit when the container arrives in Monze - thank you!   

If you would like an insight to the sort of items we will be loading - take a look in the gallery.


Muumba School - new building and now new desks

School desks made locally for Muumba School

Muumba School has gone through quite a transformation - from a small run down building which was quite unsuitable to a fantastic new building - which even has solar electricity. We sent out lots of chairs in the 2013 container but no desks. These have now been made locally and the children can now sit on a chair with a desk - a big difference to sitting on a boulder with exercise books on their laps!

HHI help a young Mother with two disabled children

Eustine with her 2 children in a double buggie

Each month HHI receives a long list of 'helps' from Zambia - people or communities identified during the previous month who need some support - sometimes financial, sometimes an item such as a wheelchair but in this case a child's buggie and some money to help a young mother buy some essentials for her children.

Eustine Hakaungwe is 22 and has two disabled children; her first was born when she was just 14 years old and as a consequence Eustine stopped going to school. Thankfully the father married Eustine but a short time later sadly he died - leaving Eustine alone to care for her two children aged 7 years and 18 months old. She was very grateful to receive a double buggie which we had sent out in the 2013 container.

The children need proper care, financial support to improve their diets and everyday items like nappies and bottles as both children have difficulties when eating. HHI has provided enough money to buy the items needed and will monitor the future needs of the children.