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Advent – LOVE: Lifechanging Force

“My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.” John 15:12

Jesus was born into this world to bring his special love and during his ministry we can see love in action. He cared and shared his time with many people who others would see as not worthy. Our world is full of people who feel unloved – the homeless, the addict, the refugee and the outcast.

Love is a force that can change the world. Just imagine a world where we see through the eyes of Jesus and reach out to the unloved as he did. As Christmas draws closer, when we celebrate the birth of Christ the Saviour, may more in the world be touched by his love. When love is shared lives blossom. We are given an abundance of love from God – more than enough to share.


Loving, living God help us to see the unloved more clearly and to have the courage to share what we have when we encounter a need. We are blessed with an abundance of your love, help us to pass it on to others. Amen

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