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Bibian’s up date

Bibian has been known to and has been supported by HHI since 2008. Our loyal supporters generously answered every request that was made to help the medics in Monze and beyond find a cure or, at least, help relieve the pain and discomfort felt by Bibian. Indeed, her physical condition was not the only concern. The impact on Bibian’s emotional wellbeing and her reluctance to mix with others had a negative impact on her education. During all this time, Bibian has received a monthly allowance donated by HHI supporters. And, of course, she was regularly remembered in our prayers.

Following the efforts of the Mr Gondwe, Board Chairperson, and the Charity Coordinator, Jonah Sialumano, Bibian was seen by the Surgeon, Doctor Ngalula, and Bibian’s leg was amputated above the knee on 22nd September, 2020.

Carole Nzila has written…

‘It is likely that she will be in Monze Hospital Surgical Section Female ward for close to a month because the Doctors need to make sure the wound starts healing without any complication before discharging her. They also want to determine if there will be any change on the rest of her body after the affected part was removed.

A Wheel Chair is need urgently for her mobility and when the sore heals, arm crutches will be needed. The affordable wheelchair is K2,500.00 [£110] and Aluminum Arm crutches are at K650.00 [£30].’

Carole continues… ‘

On a special note, today is Bibian’s birthday. She turned 22 years. At the time the Charity Coordinator went to capture a photo, that was when she was being served with a Happy Birthday cake with the support of a family friend member. The mother is requesting for any amount of money for her to buy a present as she is spending her birthday on a hospital bed.’

We ask for your continuing support and prayers for a very courageous young lady.

Happy Birthday Bibian!

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