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DAY 1 Monday September 11th 2023

Muumba School is thriving!

On Monday, Jute and the Big Picture film crew received a hearty reception from the Head Teacher, Mr Bbilika.  Muumba school is a mainstream state school with 409 students.

Through the generosity of HHI supporters in the UK, pupils at Muumba receive a nutritious meal at lunch times.  On their visit, the team witnessed older students serving younger students a meal of nshima, cabbage and sausage cooked earlier by parents.

School children

Happy, smiling schoolchildren

Lunch time at Muumba

Lunch time at Muumba

Jute discovered on this visit that the current HHI financial contribution to the school does not meet the nutritional needs of the whole student population and it will have to be doubled in order to do so. Also, it was noted that students have no shelter from the rain and sun while they are having their meals.  Jute discussed with the school the possibility of erecting an awning-like structure to remedy this, along with the planting of mango trees to provide shade and fruit.


Priscilla in her class

On their visit to the school, the team visited one of the teachers, Prisca Hatembo. Prisca, a wheel-chair user, was once a student helped by HHI through the payment of her school fees.   Now Prisca is a senior teacher at Muumba school and thoroughly loves her vocation.

The success of Muumba School has created a greater need for more financial assistance to provide adequate shelter and nutritious food for its students.  Please pray that our HHI supporters in the UK will be able to help meet these needs.

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