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Email from Moscow in Zambia

It’s Good to Catch Up!!
No, we are not geographically challenged!
Tidings : July 2016. Do you remember reading this?
‘Moscow is a talented Zambian. He is also an albino. As well as all the health difficulties this leads to in a hot sunny climate, he has also had to face prejudice and antagonism from his local community. HHI was able to help him by supporting his education and training at Chainama College of Health Sciences. Now he is in charge of a Rural Health Centre in Mazabuka District and because of his position he is respected in his community. He is also married and has a child. He is an example of how determination combined with timely help from HHI can overcome disadvantage.’
Well, we have just received this very welcome email from Moscow. He writes…
‘I would like to thank HHI Zambia for the support they gave me and sponsorship through Jute Williams and Pat Cairn . I hope one day we will meet. I am now married with a daughter.’

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