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Fond farewells

On our last morning with the HHZ staff we had a fun time at our morning worship gathering. We started with a traditional Zambian song

Then we laughed a lot as we tried to sing Bind us together not realising that there are different Mission Praise editions which have different words! Eventually we did manage to stand, hold hands in a circle and sing the chorus as one choir. To conclude Alun instigated a rendition of the Okie Cokie, complete with actions which was thoroughly enjoyed by our Zambian friends.

Doing the okie cokie

Doing the Okie Cokie

Doing the Okie Cokie

Doing the Okie Cokie

Brenda also shared with us the good news that today a bore hole was being sunk at Choongo school near to the where the disabled dormitory is situated. This was one of the school’s major requests. The donation has been secured by HHZ. Well done everyone!!

Bore hole will benefit these children

The bore hole will benefit these children from Choongo school.

The HHIUK visitors were sincerely thanked for being in Monze and asked to stay for a month next time. We also informed the HHZ staff that in our 2023 visit two members of the BPFC, (Big Picture Film Company) will be accompanying us to record the good work which is being done with the disabled and vulnerable. This brought around of spontaneous applause.

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