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Happy Christmas Priscilla!

Christmas has come early for this severely disabled young woman who lives in the primitive community of Ntambo in Zambia. Due to the huge generosity of so many HHI supporters, she has received a number of wonderful gifts this year including clothes for her baby, nappies, Sudocream, antibacterial handwash, crutches, other help and support, and food – she is particularly partial to peanuts!

And this Christmas will find Priscilla Hatembo safe and comfortable in her brand-new home which has recently been completed and freshly painted. It has space for her and her family – and it even has a ramp so as to make disabled access easier. It was just in time – the old family home, built of mud bricks and thatch, has completely collapsed in the recent rains.

She has also been given a new bed and mattress, sufficient blankets, and all manner of essentials including clothes for her infant son. Priscilla will also continue to receive money for food and supplies for the foreseeable future. What more could she possibly be grateful for?

Well, being Christmas, we mustn’t forget the baby…

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