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Happy Valley is continuing to flourish

In September the centre celebrated Onam, a Hindu equivalent of a harvest festival, which is a big event in Kerala.  For the children it involved a lot of fun making intricate arrangements of flower petals and dressing up, as well as having a special meal including payasam (kheer).

Onam festival

Happy Valley enjoying Onam

The flower petals they made

The children continue to benefit from the caring environment and expert help that they receive.

One such is Vaishnavi, a 7-year old girl. Philip (the centre’s director) writes:

She joined our school on last February 2023. She has autism and mental illness.  At first she is always running around the building and making loud voice. Nowadays she is better improvement and pays a little attention. She takes food alone and we give training for toilet activities. Her parents are very poor -.her father is a daily worker and her mother is a housewife.



Without the loyal financial support from our friends in the UK, the work of HHI at Happy Valley would not continue. We, along with the children at Happy Valley, thank you so much.

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